WINNERS CIRCLE – Happy Kindle Paperwhite & Fire winners –

WINNERS CIRCLE – Happy Kindle Paperwhite & Fire winners –



Say Congratulations to Joe C and his wife, Nancy, who have been on my reader list for about five years.

THE FIRE 7 TABLET HAS BEEN WON AND SHOULD BE IN THE HANDS OF OUR NEWEST WINNER IN A COUPLE OF DAYS – Say congrats in the comments below to Chuck D of Indiana who first joined my reader group in 2015 and has been sticking it out hoping for me to write something good and in the meantime, he has been very generous in offering his thoughts on reviews of my books. In the process, Chuck is now a repeat winner.

Dear Ken:

Received today

Thank you

I wasn’t on my toes when you called or would have probably said to give it to the next in line

However, at 80 my brain no longer runs as fast as it used to

I do enjoy your historical books about the area you live in

Like you say in murder history stories how dumb are these people?

Have a Happy  Easter, and Spring is near if it stops raining so much


Jerry M. of Illinois has the magic touch, now if he can apply that skill to the Power Ball. Jerry won another Fire7″ tablet in the drawing for Christmas 2022. Say hey to Jerry, and watch for the next drawing in the new year. Thanks to all those who bought books as Christmas gifts and for the many wonderful reviews. Thank you for finding my books to be of interest, it is an honor to have you buy, read and review my work. – Happy New Year – Ken


Thank you so very much for the great news of winning the A Marsha & Danny Jones Thriller Promotion. I have read this book twice already, and it is such a great book–especially in winter. I am reading it again! This has made my CHristmas that much more special!

-Jerry M

Welcome to our newest winner – Karin T., of Sharpsville, Pa.

The winner of this prize, a nifty Fire Tablet 7-inch device, sent me an email some time ago, thanking me for her winning a Fire and saying it was her hope to win a Paperwhite one day. Well, she won again, and I upgraded her Fire to a refurbished and certified as new Paperwhite. 

I got it and trying to register it.  Many thanks. – Karin T.

Neil Armstrong on Moon first step

Attention Geezers: It seems just like yesterday that you were your grandchildren’s age and Neil Armstrong was showing the world a new dance step. Yep, not too long after Chubby Checkers showed us all how to do the twist and the Monkees told us how to catch the Last Train to Clarksville and Nancy Sinatra advised us that her Boots Were Made for Walkin’.


Congratulate Fredrick B. of Kansas for winning and being a longtime and loyal fan since 2015!


ANOTHER WINNER: The Paperwhite Winner for Indian Summer that ended on November 30, 2021 is Patricia S. of Oshawa, Ontario! Merry Christmas to Patricia!

Hi Ken

Look what the post-man brought!

I am still debating wrapping it up and saving it for Christmas morningEmojiThank-you so much for a memorable holiday season!! Best wishes and happy holidaysEmojiPatricia

Hi Ken! Thanks for the link

LOL.!!Thank you so much for the amazing news, I can’t tell you how exciting this is

 I have heard nothing but praise from people who own one of these, I can’t wait to try it! – Patricia

Puck Magazine, Christmas 1905


C. Wm. Andy Anderson is the October winner of a Paperwhite for my wonderful friends on my reader group.


I got it set up and am reading on it.

I love this Kindle Paperwhite!

Thanks again.

Tammy F. of Springfield, Virginia first joined my reader group in 2016. Send congratulations to Tammy in the comments below!

Just got it about an hour ago! I’ll send pics after I eat! Thanks for such a great gift!!

Good Morning Ken!!
Oh wow!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to receive it and get it filled up with your terrific stuff!


Thank you for being such a great writer and keeping this world filled with a variety of things to read and for being such a good friend!
Always, Tam

Carolyn L, of Junction, Texas

How exciting is this!!! Thank you!

YeeHaw! This makes me so happy. Super excited to try it out.

Heck, I have lost count of how many Fire 7 Tablets and Paperwhites have been won by so many of you fine folks across America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since February of 2015.

One of our past winners is Gus of South Carolina who has now started a new tradition here by sending in his photo of his pet – Callie Mae. Callie Mae is on the right.

The latest Fire Winner is
Christa B. of Walker, Michigan

Hello Ken,  Thank you so much. I am so surprised to receive this email today.

Thank you so much again 🙂~Christa 

The price is incredible, it is FREE for the winner of the Giveaway
Congress’s Christmas Tree wish list 1883

Halloween Spooktacular
Paperwhite Winner:

Ted M, of Orlando, Florida has won the wonderful newest generation Paperwhite!

The Paperwhite arrived today! Thank you so much!

I would love another Audible. I have many of your books on Audible; SPANISH INFLUENZA would be great.
Thanks again.

Best regards,
Ted M.

RANDOM REVIEW FIRE REWARD FOR READERS has a new winner for Oct. 25, 2020:

Congratulate Karin Tillotson of Pennsylvania!

The newest winner of a Fire for Random Rewards for Members is Teresa C. of Shingletown, California!


Thanks, it arrived today. I have a dear elderly friend whose tablet is on its last legs. This will be a great present for her.
Many thanks 

Teresa; A double blessing for you. Thanks for finding my books to be of interest and God Bless both you and your friend. Ken

The Fourth of July Paperwhite winner is…
Alfreda M. of Bristol, Tennessee!

Hello Ken,
I am so excited, I have been trying to get another one for my husband.

The winner of your drawing is…

The New Winner of a Fire Tablet….

1stTarissa (In the Bookcase) of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma first joined my reader group on June 4, 2015. Give Tarissa a big CHEERS in the comments at the bottom of this page!

Hi Ken,
I received the Kindle Fire! Wooohooo!!!!!!!

And after looking at the shiny new box, and ALL it’s cool features, you’re right. I’m totally keeping this for myself. LOL! (It was just an idea to give it to my good friend, but really, she’s just going to have to wait for her own.)

This is tooooo exciting!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Ken!
Take care & stay safe.

The winner of the RAPID REWARD READER REVIEW for Members Only is:

1stBill Anderson

JERRY MARQUARDT of Oak Forest, Illinois has won a FIRE 7′ tablet! The Memorial Day drawing was the winning ticket for Jerry. Thanks to all who entered


Hi Ken:
Can you please tell your readers that I still love the Kindle Fire that I won in December. I am still discovering things that I can do with it.
When they enter your contest it becomes a win/win.   The first win is reading and reviewing your book(s) and having a chance to win your Kindle Fire 7.
Thank you.

Lois W.


Dan R. of Jamestown,
South Carolina

Just think, you now get to open a package coming in the mail – but first, if you are doing it like me and everyone else you will toss it in the horse trough for a week, take it out and spray it with bleach, cover it will a coating of Lysol and then stick it in a microwave and cook the virus germs off of it for ten minutes. If after all that, the new Paperwhite that you won in my giveaway will likely still work, if not, you can get Amazon to give you a new one. Either way, you won and I need your full name and mailing address to mail your terrific Paperwhite to you asap. Thanks for buying, reading, and reviewing my books, I sure appreciate it.

Dan’s answer: FANTASTIC!

Give a big congrats to Dan, in the comments section at bottom of this page, our first winner since all this virus started as we get back to bringing our lives back to where we want to be!
My best to you all and thank you for being a member of my reader group – and for being such wonderful friends!


David M., of Redding, California as the newest winner of a Fire!

Say congratulations in the comments section at the bottom to Linda K. of Winchester, California for winning the Paperwhite drawn on Jan. 25, 2020. Linda first entered the Sea Empress / Ken Rossignol reading list in 2017.

Awesome, thank you so much!   Linda K.

I got my new Kindle Paperwhite today. It is so cool. I had never seen one before. I have the very old kindles and an old kindle fire. I did ask my son if he would like it since his birthday is next Saturday and he has never had a Kindle of any sort. He is going to fire up an old one and see if that works well enough for him. I will be happy either way but, honestly, I think it would be neat to read on it. I like the lightness of it. Thanks so much. I love it, Linda


Beagles517 – Winner of FIRE TABLET

Ken. The review was properly earned. I do enjoy your writing. 
Thank you in advance. – Dan S, Connecticut

I received a beautiful gift yesterday. I greatly appreciate your generosity. So I’ve now discovered reading on a tablet. I’m impressed. Thank you. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Dan

Jerry Marquart

Donna Wiebe

Thank you so much for the great news in regards to: Runner-up and winner of a signed book in the Reader Group Giveaway. I am enclosing:Choice: Titanic 1912
Name:  Jerry Marquardt


L Welsh, of Bakersfield, Ca
Runner-up winners of signed books:
Karin Tillotson – Titanic 1912
Joyce Bennett – Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex

Ken; Received the book. Thanks so much. Joyce
Joyce; Sharpen your harpoon, Ken

WHOA—–This is so amazing.

Ken; This is a late Birthday present for me and an early Christmas present.

Hi Ken:
I received the Kindle Fire 7 on December 23rd.
Thank you so much.
This Kindle is amazing. I am having so much fun learning about what it does
Thank you.
L. Welsh

Wish our newest Paperwhite winner all the best!
Shirley E. of Harrison, Arkansas!

We have another Rapid Reward Fire Tablet Winner for Members along with two runner-ups who will be sent signed books. Congratulations once more!

The winners of your drawing are…

2ndGus Philpott
3rdAllan in Arizona

New Winner!
Say congratulations to Tarrisa G. of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for winning the new Paperwhite for July 30th. Tarissa has been a loyal reader for over four years!

Wooohooo!!!! Oh YEAH! I’m so excited about getting a Paperwhite. I’ve always wanted to get one, but haven’t been able to afford the extra splurge. 🙂

THANK YOU, Ken !!! – Tarissa G.

Hi Ken,
Just wanted to tell you that I received my Paperwhite prize in the mail (on Saturday). Can’t wait to dig in and try it out. And I love the additional book you sent too… Thank you VERY much! Such a kind gesture.
God bless you.

Tarissa; I am really glad you got them and like them, I wish you many years of enjoying them. Thank you again for finding my books to be of interest and value to you, I really appreciate it and hope I can write some more you might like as well. Your pal, Ken

Dear Ken; Looking at your Review Roundup Reward newsletter e-mail, I saw my name listed as a winner in last Halloween’s Amazon Fire drawing but my thank-you letter was not shown. In case you did not receive it, I am sending another one since I have been enjoying my Fire so much ever since its receipt and want to assure you how much it is appreciated
. – Linda Rawlings

(Linda; thanks for taking the time to send this note and your experience with the great Fire tablet is yet another testimonial to why no winner has ever returned one. Best wishes and thanks for being a member of my reader group. – Ken)

FIRE WINNER – Greg. L. of Florida in Rapid Reward drawing for July 15th


is Ciayrra P. of Leesburg, Florida.
Watch for the next Kindle Paperwhite coming soon.

THE NEWEST WINNER OF A FIRETammy French, of Virginia!
Thanks to all those who entered and be sure to enter for the BEWARE OF IDES OF MARCH Reader Giveaway on March 15th! Simply be sure to send me a note to with your entry.


I just wanted to show you what I received in the mail today! Not a very good picture, but you are welcome to use it!!  Thanks so much for being a wonderful author, friend, and giver of fabulous gifts! Time to fill up another Kindle Fire! – Tammy French


I am pretty happy that you won this great little Fire and that it arrived at your home so quickly, hurrah for the US Post Office.

I wish you many years of great reading and entertainment with your Fire. I bought my original Fire in 2010 and last year got a Fire 10 for Father’s Day and I still use both and they figure out where I left off in the book I am reading and picks up at the right place. They are really great to read with.

Best to all of your family and God Bless your son in the Army.

Amazon Top History Authors at 9 am on March 6, 2019

Eldon Kirkpatrick with his new Fire 7 he won in a Reader Giveaway. One of the dozens of Paperwhites and Fire 7 tablets won by the great and much-appreciated readers of the Marsha & Danny Jones Thrillers and members of The Sea Empress / Ken Rossignol Reader Group List. Eldon’s wife Connie is a prior winner too! Tell them congratulations in the comments at the bottom of this page. Eldon and Connie were fortunate to duck a tornado in Texas and God Bless them, their family, and their neighbors.

Ken, thank you so much for our new Kindle! It came today. Eldon is very happy! – Connie.

Eldon; Thank you to you and Connie for buying, reading and reviewing my books. Your review is so important in explaining why you believe the book is worth another reader’s time and money to help them decide if it’s their cup of tea. Your review is critical to authors like me to be able to sell books. Thanks for your honest review! – Ken

I am so happy to have received your special book! I will cherish Panama 1914, as this will make for some uplifting spring reading after that harsh winter. This will make my shelf much happier too, as I have reserved a special section for your books. I would like to give thanks for your great writing and stories. I wish the greatest, and keep up the great work into the future.
Jerry Marquardt

Jerry;In that I knew you already had Titanic 1912, I wanted to send you a book that I thought you would enjoy, given your love of history. I sure hope it meets your expectations.Thanks for letting me know Panama 1914 arrived and I wish that one day you can pass through the Panama Canal on a ship, as we did in 2012, and visited it again in 2016 from the shore when I was invited to be a member of the United States Delegation of Authors for the International Book Fair that year. What a privilege it was to be part of that event held to celebrate the expansion of the Panama Canal.Best wishes,Ken

Panama Canal with ship in distance in the new expansion Aug. 19, 2016. Photo by Ken Rossignol

The winners of the December – January Review Roundup drawing are…

WINNER OF THE FIRE is Connie Kirkpatrick of Texas
Winners of signed copies of TITANIC 1912 
Jerry Marquardt of Illinois (will be sent PANAMA 1914)
Linda M. of Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth R. of Nova Scotia, Canada
Stephen Steiner
Norman R.
Deb D. of Pennsylvania

PLEASE!  Will winners email their current addresses to me at my email below! –

The 2018 Christmas Paperwhite Winner is Lindsey A. of Winnipeg, Canada. Say congratulations to Lindsey in the comments below. Lindsey 
first signed on my reader list in March of 2015 and this is her first win of a prize.

Hi Ken, 
I did receive it and it is fantastic. So much lighter than physical books!
Thanks again

Kindle Paperwhite – the world’s most advanced ereader, battery last for weeks, not hours, read in direct sunlight unlike tablets, holds thousands of books.

NOW ON AUDIBLE Join Audible free for 30 days and get this book FREE

CHESAPEAKE TRUE CRIME Fire Giveaway WINNER is Marlena M. of Dedham, Mass.

Two runner-ups won signed copies of TITANIC 1912 – Donna W. and Judy F. 

Hi Ken,
I got the book. For something like this, I read fast. It was Great!!!!! I found answers to questions I have always had.
Thank you for the book. It was something I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. That would have been a big mistake. I hope you will keep me in mind when you do another and let me know.
Thanks again,
Judy F.
I am really glad you found new information about a story over one hundred years old, that ‘s tough to accomplish, especially about a topic as well covered as the Titanic.
Please leave a review if you get a chance and I will always keep you in mind, especially to let you know when a new book is completed.
Merry Christmas,

The Happy Hallowinner of the Spooktacular Halloween Fire is: Linda R. of Frederick, Md. 



It arrived and is awesome 😊


Ellie W. of Garland, Texas!

Oh my gosh! Thanks so much!! I look forward to filling it with books! 😊 

Tell Ellie congrats in comments below and be sure to watch for the announcement of the next winner of a Fire and a Paperwhite!

Thanks to all who entered and I really appreciate your interest in my books.


The winner of the fire with Alexa in the TRIPLE DIP is David M., of Redding, California. 

Thanks again Ken, and much luck on all of your endeavors. God Bless!
David M.

Thanks to all who find the time to read my books and post honest reviews – be sure to enter the current Paperwhite Giveaway.

PAPERWHITE – The world’s most advanced ereader – has now been won by yet another valued member of my reading group – Katherine F. of Graham, North Carolina. Say congratulations to Katherine, she has been hanging around here since January of 2016, and soaking up good sea stories and reading about history and crime. Drop a note to her in the comments below!

Hi Ken!  Wow!!  So excited that I won!!
Thank you so, so much!!
Katherine F.
Graham, N.C.
Two runner-ups, Tarrisa G, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and Linda M. of Franklin, Pennsylvania both won signed copies of Panama 1914. Thanks to everyone who entered. 

Dear Ken;
I got my recent prize of Panama 1914 in the mail. I wasn’t expecting it to come so quick! Thank you, I’m excited to have a copy of that one of my shelf.
Hi Ken;
I wanted to let you know that I got my book in the mail today Thank you 😃
Linda M. 


First prize winner for CHESAPEAKE TRUE CRIME entrants is 

1st Annie P D WINS a 7″ FIRE tablet  

From Annie: Yes!!! My third win !!! Absolutely awesome !!!!! Thank you 😊 

2nd Linda Moffit (Wins a signed copy of Panama 1914)

3rd In the Bookcase Tarissa Graves (Wins a signed copy of Panama 1914)

FIRE IN THE HOLE! fire winner for THE CHESAPEAKE: Tidewater Sagas

Steve S. of Junction City, Oregon is the newest winner of a fire for our highly engaged readers.
Watch for the announcement of our next GIVEAWAY. 

Hi Ken,
I’m shocked, to say the least!  I never win anything!
I’m glad you sent this again somehow I missed the first one.
Thank you very much!
Charles Dickens per Gill


Charles Dickens would have loved to have a Kindle Paperwhite back in his times…and why not, it holds thousands of books, the battery lasts for weeks, not hours and reading is easy in direct sunlight…

That is just about the exact words I have used for the past three years as I have given away dozens of Paperwhites.  A few different words describe the great little 7″ Fire Tablet that my readers have been winning for about another couple of dozen times.

As you can see from lots of the nice notes from my readers posted below this message, both devices have been getting rave reviews from the winners.  I actually don’t own either one, but I am tempted. My first generation Kindle Fire works so well that I don’t see the point of buying another one and I still have my original Kindle.  But I have bought lots of both the Paperwhite and Fire to send to our wonderful winners.  Each time I buy one, a small donation goes through my Amazon account to a charity of my choice. I designate the Little Sisters of the Poor in Washington DC for their fine work and Amazon lets me know how much they have donated because of my designation. Remember, when you choose a charity to profit from what you buy at Amazon, it comes out of Amazon’s pocket but you get to have a warm feeling over the deal. If you haven’t done so, go to your account and choose a charity to benefit in just a small way when you order anything from Amazon.

Amazon takes a big hit from time to time, especially from our more socialistic folks or the snobs who thought Bezos would choke and disappear. If it wasn’t for Amazon removing the gatekeepers and making it possible for authors like me to reach readers like you, there would be one hell of a lot less mayhem on the Sea Empress and Marsha & Danny Jones wouldn’t have jobs protecting folks like all of us on the high seas!
I decided to look up how much Amazon has sent to charities in this program:
All charities have received $69,949,133.28 as of November 2017
That ain’t chicken feed! 

The winner is NORMAN B. of Benton, Louisiana

Thank You!
You do not know how many hours of pleasure you have provided!
I have read and enjoyed rereading The Privateer Clause series several times,
and all of your books and YouTube content are just great. I consider myself
lucky to have “discovered” you, and it is a pleasure to recommend you to my
Best Wishes,

There have been quite a few winners from Canada, at least one or two from Austrailia and New Zealand and bunches from the United States.  None have come from Europe, but, as we all know, the lucky folks in Europe are the ones who migrated to the New World or Down Under.

For those who pay attention to such things, Amazon ranks the history authors top 100 and the rankings change hourly, perhaps due to history never standing still.

Thanks for buying, reading and reviewing my books – it keeps me writing and wanting to tell more stories.



I am overwhelmed that Amazon has been listing me among the top 100 for the past two months and I want to thank all of my readers for making this possible by buying my books at Amazon. Thanks, it is terrific to have your support,

(Note the former FBI director was right on my tail on this screenshot from Feb. 18, 2018, at about 1 am.)


Buy now at Amazon – Worldwide – FREE FOR KINDLE UNLIMITED CUSTOMERS!


The winners of your drawing are…

1stSam B. Wagner, of Illinois
2ndElizabeth R., of Canada
3rdConnie Kirkpatrick, of Texas

Congratulations to the winners in this contest! 

THIS HOT LITTLE TABLET can be yours if you take part in this great drawing for this edition of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY. FIRE TABLET 7 WITH ALEXA –

I picked this up during the special Valentines Day sale at Amazon, it is already here, so I am upping the ante by including a print edition of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY and a signed copy of my book THE STORY of THE RAG.


Congratulate the Winner of a Fire Tablet for Titanic 1912:

CJD of Carmel, Indiana

Again thank you – I was obviously surprised as I read and commented so long ago on this book; look forward to receiving the gift;
(CJD) Chuck

FIRE 7 received – thanks again, speed may have been helped by a national distribution center (Indianapolis) about 20 miles from us; although return address is Lexington KY an overnight to us.


1. In the Bookcase – Tarissa G. of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma:
“Woohoo! I’m excited to win a copy of Titanic 1912. It will be a treasure on my Titanic shelf. :)”
2. Jerry M of Oak Forest, Illinois
I was so astonished when I received your special book! I will cherish it, and I am switching up my current read immediately. I just love to read real books too, so this is making my week a special one. I would like to give thanks for all your really great writings, including Titanic 1912. I wish the best in keeping up the good work in the future.
3. Connie K, of Trinity, Texas
Wow!  Are you serious?  That is awesome!  Thank you so much!
Ken, I wanted to let you know the book came in today. Eldon is as excited as I am! I’ll be reading it from cover to cover! Thank you so much! Connie and Eldon

4. Robin A. of Ashland, Ohio
Hi Ken
Thank you so much!!  I can not wait to read it 🙂
5. Andrew W. of Madison, Wisconsin
Thank you for the exciting news.  I look forward to having the signed copy of your book.
6. Tammy F. of Alexandria, Virginia
Wow!!!  Thanks, Ken!!
Love your books and will continue to read them!!
Sincerely, Tammy
Hi Ken!
Just wanted to let you know that I received my autographed book on Sat.  Thanks again!!
A Loyal Reader,
Tammy F.
7. Linda M. of Franklin, Pennsylvania
AWESOME 😄 Thank You! 😊
Hi 👋 I wanted to let you know that I got my book today thank you very much
8. Karin T. of Sharpsville, Pennsylvania
Enjoy them I do.

Amazon top history authors for Feb. 14, 2018, Between two giants of writing.

 winner is Mona Pence of California!
Dear Ken;
Thanks for all the wonderful presents in my winner’s package. They are all so precious to me. I really love my new Kindle Fire. – Mona
Give Mona your congratulations in the comments below! She has been a member of the reader group and Launch Team for ages and finally came up a winner!
Amazon’s top-selling history authors on Feb. 11, 2018
The Christmas Paperwhite winner is Nancy B. of Springville NY
Dear Ken
Thank you so much! 
Nancy B.

The Chesapeake – A man born to hang can never drown – winner is Joy P (Kindle Customer)

What wonderful news! Thank you! I will certainly enjoy using the Fire. I appreciate your generosity.
Please safely drive to the post office. Don’t slip & slide. 
Joy P.
Winston – Salem, NC

Ken, what a delightful way to start a cold winter day! A little lady from the post office scurried up to my door with a small package in her hands. I opened it to find not only the Fire 7 tablet but also a copy of The Chesapeake Today & The Wreck Of The Whale Ship Essex. Now that I’ve acknowledged receiving your wonderful package, I’ll charge my Fire. Tonight I have a new book to read!

I have found the advantages of buying the Fire tablet and having it delivered to me rather than to the winner, I can add some surprises. Thanks for letting me know your winner package arrived and I wish you many years of enjoyment.

The winner of the Panama 1914 Fire was Fredrick B. of Protection, Kansas. Fredrick is a two-time winner, proving that it pays to stay glued to my reader group for notices of new books, special features such as our Christmas Music and Historic Photo Scenes of Washington.

From Fredrick:

Dear Ken
Thank you so very much for authoring books that provide such an amazing look at our past and for giving us the chance to win some incredible reading tools.
Two years ago I was doing my reading on my desktop computer. I did not feel I needed or would use a tablet computer. When I won your drawing in December 2015 I thought, if I could figure it out, maybe I could do some of my reading on it. I was so wrong as I now do all my reading on it and 90% of my online activities are on that fire I received from you. It has been dropped a few times and has a crack in one corner. The screen has scratches, especially where my finger swipes to turn pages. It has become my most used electronic device and I thank you for introducing to mobile reading and computing.
Thank again, so very much

Dear Fredrick;
I am thrilled to know that you enjoy this nifty little Amazon device and find such value in it and my books.

The BLACK FRIDAY – Leopold & Loeb / The Privateer Clause –  Fire
The newest winner of a Fire is Annie P. of Harrisburg, South Dakota – This Fire giveaway winner marks more than 65 winners of great Paperwhites & Fires since February of 2015. Do you think Amazon might run out of these great devices?
Please give Annie a congratulatory message in the comments section below! 

Amazon history author ranking for Jan. 8, 2018 ten ranking spots ahead of Bill O’Reilly while Hillary is way behind


and we have another winner for the Paperwhite,
Andrew L. of Auckland, New Zealand has won a gift certificate to shop on Black Friday for a great deal on a Paperwhite at Amazon.

“Oh, it just arrived. That’s awesome, thank you, Ken. And should you ever visit, do let me know, I’ll show you around a bit.”

Well, our annual drawing for a Paperwhite to celebrate the life and works of HG Wells is now over and WE HAVE A WINNER!

Amanda S. of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is the wonderful member of my reader group who won this giveaway and her name is now added to the list below of the dozens who have won a Paperwhite or 7″ Fire tablet.


Yay! Thank you SO much! I really appreciate it!


Thanks to all of you who entered and thanks for buying, reading and reviewing my books — and for telling your family and friends about my books. It is a pleasure working to entertain you.  I have been working for the past two years to finish two books, both of which I hope you find interesting.

CHESAPEAKE 1910 is the latest installment in the series and will cover the time span of 1910 to 1920. There was a lot of action in the Chesapeake region and reaching out into the world during that time frame along with the challenges and changes in the lives of the Douglas family.

MURDER USA is also moving towards completion.  This book is not fiction, though many of the victim’s families would wish that was the case.

Thanks again for reading, and you know what is coming next: HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR


Linda Buzard-Moffitt a Kindle Fire won at The Privateer Clause and she posted this photo on her Facebook page.


Elizabeth R. of Nova Scotia won a Fire for Cruise Facts review – she is a two-time winner!
“Thanks for drawing my name. Looking forward to receiving the Kindle. Also looking forward to reading more of your books.”

Hi Ken:
 The Kindle has arrived!  My Husband is very happy now. Thanks again.

Bob T. of Powell, Tennessee, won a Fire
“I received the Fire tablet today. Thank you.”

Jerry M. of Oak Forest Ill. won a Fire
“I love your great books, and this is absolutely wonderful news! Thank you so much. If you need any information that I have not provided, let me know. If you would like me to post on Facebook or Twitter, let me know if you want me to post a photo or an acknowledgment, I would be more than happy. Again, I thank you for your great writings and for the great giveaways. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great evening.” – Aug. 9, 2017

The Paperwhite Giveaway honoring Agatha Christie for March of 2017 was won by Jeanna M. of Marana, Arizona
“Fantastic!  I’m so excited!  Thank you so much!
I am thrilled with my Kindle Paperwhite!” 
—  Jeanna

Christine M. of Cerritos, Calif. won a Paperwhite for the 2017 Fourth of July Giveaway!
Hi Ken,
“Talk about a great 4th of July! This is so exciting! Thank you for further enabling my reading addiction” – Christine M.


Nikki D. of Arlington, S.D won a Fire tablet for the Chesapeake 1880 Giveaway
Oh, my goodness! thank you. Thank you – Nikki D.

Joyce B. of Clements, Md. won a Fire

“Got Fire today and sending this message from my new device! Thank You!” – Joyce

Joe D. of Katy, Texas won a Paperwhite!

Ken, WOW!! that’s great news!!  Keep up those rousing voyages!” – Joe

Laura R. of Cypress, Texas, won the drawing on April Fool’s Day for a Fire for The Privateer Clause contest that ended on March 31, 2017.  Laura is the first two-time winner! 

The KINDLE FIRE Giveaway for Cruise Facts review was won by Gran Ann, the second prize of 2017!

The Privateer Clause Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway for Edgar Allan Poe Birthday

F. Scott Fitzgerald Sept 24, 1896

The first Paperwhite winner of 2017 for Edgar Allan Poe’s Birthday was Rodney M., of Springdale NL, Canada.
Tell him congratulations in the comment section below! 

The winner of the 2016  Halloween Spooktacular Paperwhite is Elaine P. of Billerica, Massachusetts

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Birthday, THE GREAT GATSBY GIVEAWAYChristine T. of Schenectady, New York, won a Paperwhite! (This is getting to be a big club of winners, leave your congrats to Chris in comments below)

For THE CHESAPEAKE TALES TRIO – Big Mama (Patti G. of Massillon, Ohio)

For the KLAN: Killing America Review-Paperwhite Giveaway the winner is Tammy F. of Raeford, N.C. :
“First, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I’m so tickled that I won!!! Once again, thank you from a loyal follower!!” – Tammy F. 

Mike W. in Texas had his George Orwell Birthday Paperwhite delivered on June 30, 2016, and sent this note:

Hey, Ken, I thought the postman would never get here. He did, and I spent about 20 minutes on setup and exploring. This is really a handy machine. Already love it! Thank you so very much for the Paperwhite and the two Audible books!
Mike W in Texas

For the most recent review-giveaway contest on The Story of THE RAG – the winner has been drawn at and is Vicki Goodwin.  A new Fire will be sent to Vicki this week.  Give a big Hats Off to Vicki for winning this Fire! Add your congratulations in a comment below!

Say congratulations in the comments below to Leah Hess of Goodreads and The Privateer Clause Reader Group, who also posted on Amazon a review on Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex – Illustrated – Leah won a Fire tablet. She had sent a note on May 19th saying that her boyfriend had just given her a new Fire as a present but if she won, she could either give it to one of her girls or give it to Tom!  Now, she could just make it a “house Fire” but somehow that just doesn’t have a good ring to it.

Donna W. of Canada won a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Aerial A. of New Orleans won a Fire tablet

Jim A. of Canada won a $50 gift card

Natosha H. of Wichita Falls, Texas won a Paperwhite

Kindle PaperWhite

Ann F. of Wappingers Falls, N.Y. won a Paperwhite

Pat C. of Houston, Texas won a Paperwhite

Colleen B. of Saint Clair Shores, MI won a Paperwhite

Denise L. of Mount Vernon, Indiana won a Paperwhite

Michelle of Phoenix, Arizona won a Paperwhite

Christie paperwhite

Fredrick B. of Protection, Kansas won a Fire

Liam T. of Australia won a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Deborah D. of Nicktown, Pa. won a Paperwhite

Debi D. of Pasadena, Md., won a Paperwhite

Pam C. of Celebration, Fla., won a Paperwhite   (Pam Cartwright)

Dianne of Cedar Rapids, Iowa won a Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite promo for Dicken

Cheryl S. of Buffalo, NY won a Paperwhite

Trish H. won a gift card

Evelene T. of Fountain, Colorado won a Paperwhite

Lori of Litchfield, Connecticut won a Paperwhite

Kelly N. won an Amazon gift card

Tony C. won an Amazon gift card

Kindle Paperwhite promo for Poe Birthday

Rachel H. of Minneapolis, Minn., won a Fire – OMG thank you, Ken! I can’t believe it, I never win anything…
that is so cool

Hi Ken;
I wanted to thank you again for the amazing prize. The Kindle Fire has arrived and is hooked up to the internet, downloading software updates, etc. it really is a great tablet!

Thanks again, Rachel H.

Jodi W. of St. Paul, Minn., won a Paperwhite

Judith R. of Ridgecrest, Calif., won a Fire

Wanda P. of Fairchance, Penn. won a Fire on Jan 30, 2016

Kindle Paperwhite promo for author site

Gale W. of Montgomery, Texas won a Fire

Linda M. of Franklin, Penn., won a Fire

Michael B. of Derry, N.H. won a Fire

Lisa S. of Mount Sterling, Ohio won Charles Dickens Giveaway Paperwhite

Shirley S. of Dayton, Ohio Paperwhite for Jan. 1st.

Liz. M of Minneapolis, Minn. Won a Fire

Win Paperwhite Titanic

Andrew W. of Waukesha, Wisconsin, won a Fire

Lisa S. of Mount Sterling, Ohio won a Paperwhite

Daniel J. of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin won a Fire

Cindi K. of Atlanta, Georgia won a Fire

Karla S. of Botwood, Canada won a Gift Card

Jess Lyn won a Paperwhite

Sam W. of Washington, Illinois won a Fire

John W. of British Columbia won a Gift Card

Sky K. of San Antonio, Texas won a Fire on May 1, 2016.

John M. of Lexington, Kentucky won a Fire on May 16, 2016.

Laura R. of Cypress, Texas won a Paperwhite for Ernest Hemingway Birthday

Please send a selfie of yourself with your prize to or share it on your Facebook and tag me and I’ll get it. Thanks for being part of my reader group congratulations on your winning entries!

Orwell Paperwhite

26 Comments on “WINNERS CIRCLE – Happy Kindle Paperwhite & Fire winners –

  1. Congratulations to ALL the winners! Way to go.

    I’d love to see the State of Arizona added to the winner’s list. I hope to get lucky & get a kindle fire. I’ve burned through five of them.

  2. That is so funny about my new Kindle becoming the “House Fire”! I had to tell Tom about that one! But I just wanted to say Thank you to Ken, for so generously hosting these giveaways. It was such an amazing surprise when I opened my email from Ken notifying me that I had been selected as the winner of his giveaway & I had won a Kindle Fire! I’d been wanting one for quite a while, so my fiance, Tom had just gotten one for me for Mother’s Day, from him & our daughters. So I told Ken, oh well, I’m still gonna enter & if by some chance I win, I’ll just have give to it to them! I didn’t really think I’d be that lucky, but sure enough, I WON! So, since I got mine for Mother’s Day, I think Tom should get his for Father’s Day! Thank you so much Ken, for making me a winner, for writing amazing stories & just for being so freakin’ awesome!!!

    • Leah; That is priceless – sheer joy and a family that reads. You are welcome, but really, thank you for reading my books! – Ken

    • James; I appreciate you taking the time to note your congratulations of the many winners of Fire & Tablets. Check you inbox for a gift copy of my newest Audible book, The Three Pirates – Ken

    • Vicki: How would you like to run away and spend three years with a band of pirates?
      Watch your email for the Audible version of THE THREE PIRATES.
      Thanks for being a sport and giving congrats to this winner – and for being a member of my reader group and Launch Team.

    • You are right, the Fire is really catching…fire…with lots of folks who won them and the Paperwhite is just really great for those who only want a device for an excellent reading experience. I wish I bought Amazon stock back in 1998.

  3. Lindsay Ken said that you just won. Congratulations <3
    Have you read the Danny and Marsha books that Ken has written???

    • Linda;
      Great to hear from you and for you to cheer on other winners, as you were one of the first so many years ago. Merry Christmas.

  4. Congrats to Linda for being the latest winner in one of Ken’s great giveaways!! Nothing like a great book & winning a great prize to get the new year off to a good start!!

    • Tammy;
      Happy New Year and thanks for being a member of my Reader Group and for being one of our past winners. The next in the Marsha and Danny Jones Thrillers is in the works and I hope to get a copy to each person that wants to do an early review very soon.

    • Glad to hear from you, Linda. “Linda” is a lucky name around here as you and at least two other Lindas have won a Fire or Paperwhite. – Happy New Year and thank you for hanging around and staying in touch. – Best,

  5. Ken, Thank you so much for your special gift. Your books are all so extra special to me. Every time I read, they are all so great. Keep up the great writing, and I also love the Chesapeake Today! Keep up the great writing!

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