The Chesapeake: Tales & Scales

The Chesapeake: Tales & Scales

This sample of the Audible version of The Chesapeake Tales & Scales is a presentation of Chapter 8 entitled “Our Shore” by Fred McCoy. This is but one of many great tales in The Chesapeake Tales & Scales. Join us as we listen to The Chesapeake for action, fun and adventure in The Chesapeake region. Murder, mayhem and mystery along with blues, rockfish, and serendipity serenades to convince fish to jump onto the hook.

From Jack Rue, Fred McCoy and Pepper Langley listen to great stories about the Twentieth Century in Southern Maryland, from the Potomac to the Patuxent. Learn about the early days of the Patuxent River Naval Air Station and the boomtown of Lexington Park, called Sin City. From Vi Englund, Lenny Rudow, Frank the Beachcomber, to Ken Rossignol, to Stephen Gore Uhler, our collection of short stories is sure to keep you entertained.

Cap’n Larry Jarboe’s expertise in fish stories knows no equal! Cap’n Larry Jarboe knows the ins and outs of diving, trolling, gigging, boating and snorkeling for fish and getting fish to jump in your boat and on your line at a shore location. If you fail to catch fish after listening to Cap’n Larry’s advice, buy a hamburger! Join us as we explore the adventures of St. George’s Island as it breaks away from the mainland and drifts into the Potomac.

The adventures of sailing are brought to life by Mark Robbins. If you boat on The Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, you will find familiar scenes and hot fishing spots and gain advice on cheap boating, hunting and even how to make your own laundry soap by Joey Greenwell. Rich Johnson helps you gain the advantage over the critters when hunting and the time to take to make your days in the woods more productive.

The lives of a few wonderful folks in Southern Maryland are reviewed as well, patriots all. This first volume of the best of The Chesapeake won’t leave you hanging and will have you running to your Kindle to learn when we will pull together the next round of prose and baloney. For those who thought Ocean City was the only destination in the summer, Alan Brylawski brings to life the glory days of the Point Lookout Hotel.

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