This introduction to the story of the Titanic is a contemporary production by the Discovery Channel. The first of the Titanic movies appeared in 1912, ‘Saved from the Titanic” and starred Dorothy Gibson, who was on the Titanic with …

The Sea Empress Theater: Titanic Movies — There were five Read more »

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The Unsinkable Molly Brown - Mrs. Margaret Brown of Denver rallied women to survive on the cold sea while waiting for rescue.

‘A likely story’ William Thompson Sloper boarded lifeboat number 7 By Ken Rossignol The story of the survival of William Thompson Sloper who lived when the Titanic sank began when Dorothy Gibson insisted that the 28-year-old stockbroker from New Brittain, …

Titanic Survivors: William Thompson Sloper boarded lifeboat number seven Read more »

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