SCROOGE – The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

SCROOGE – The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Scrooge is a 1935 Cinema of the United Kingdom fantasy film directed by Henry Edwards (actor) and starring Seymour Hicks, Donald Calthrop and Robert Cochran. Hicks appears as Ebenezer Scrooge, the miser who hates Christmas. It was the first sound version of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, not counting a 1928 short subject that now appears to be lost. Hicks had previously played the role of Scrooge on the stage many times beginning in 1901, and again in a 1913 British Scrooge (1913 film).
Also, the copyright for this film was never renewed and therefore it is in the public domain and can be shown on multiple stations in a market. For years it was kept out of circulation, due to the extremely poor quality of most of the surviving prints.


  • Seymour Hicks – Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Donald Calthrop – Bob Cratchit
  • Robert Cochran – Fred
  • Mary Glynne – Belle
  • Garry Marsh – Belle’s husband
  • Oscar Asche – Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Marie Ney – Ghost of Christmas Past
  • C.V. France – Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
  • Athene Seyler – Scrooge’s charwoman
  • Maurice Evans (actor) – Poor man
  • Mary Lawson (actress) – Poor man’s wife
  • Barbara Everest – Mrs. Cratchit
  • Eve Gray – Fred’s wife
  • Morris Harvey – Poulterer with Prize Turkey
  • Philip Frost – Tiny Tim (A Christmas Carol)
  • D. J. Williams (actor) – Undertaker
  • Margaret Yarde – Scrooge’s laundress
  • Hugh E. Wright – Old Joe
  • Charles Carson (actor) – Middlemark
  • Hubert Harben – Worthington

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