Every year there were fewer members of the Class of ’65 at the occasional reunion. Death came in the form of war, auto crashes, overdoses, disease, and sometimes from walking under ladders while a black cat ran across the road and caused a truck to run up on the sidewalk, hit a lift hoisting a safe to a second-floor window and making the safe drop onto the head of the pedestrian who had been warned by his mother not to walk under ladders. Please be sure to upvote at end of each episode!


These Amtrak engines entered Northeast Regional Service in 1981 and operated through the late 1990s. They are shown at Washington DC Union Station after arriving from New York. The CAPITOL LIMITED runs each way from Washington to Chicago daily. THE PRIVATEER CLAUSE photos


Of course, you can start at the beginning of the story

Starting at the beginning of any story has the benefit of providing some background to the story, but what the heck, it’s your decision to approach this tale from any which way you want. HINT: The first three episodes are FREE and Amazon will then give you 200 FREE tokens and only after you use them up will an episode cost you about a nickel, depending on the length. 


REUNION OBITUARIES – A new serialized novel from KINDLE VELLA

Mural inside the Mohave Museum of History in Kingman, a small city at the junction of the old, historic U.S. 66 highway and the modern, high-speed Interstate-40 superhighway in northwestern Arizona. Kingman promotes the former, the old two-lane highway from the glory days of family cross-country travel, to nostalgic visitors. It recalls those days and depicts James Dean, a Hollywood movie heartthrob of the period, who may well have driven his hot rod on old Route 66


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      It is being published an episode at a time, 29 are now up and you just read it on your computer at, follow the link. The next one will be live sometime tonight. The first three are free, Amazon then will GIVE you 200 FREE TOKENS needed to unlock more episodes. After that, you can buy 200 tokens for $1.99 and each episode will run you about ONE NICKEL which was the cost of a bottle of Coke when I was delivering my paper route in 1958. PLEASE BE SURE TO FOLLOW the story and THUMBS UP each episode. And thank you for so many years of reading my books. It is my honor to have earned your interest. – Ken

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