Piracy attempt in Caribbean near Nicaragua

Piracy attempt in Caribbean near Nicaragua

Pirates Attempt to Attack Yacht Near Nicaragua


Dockwalk received word via email that pirates attempted an attack on the 70-foot M/Y Golden Eagle on January 27, 2016, off the east coast of Nicaragua.

The Nordlund vessel was transiting from Colon, Panama, to Roatan, Honduras, and was north of Colombia-controlled Isla Providencia when the pirates approached.

“We are all, fortunately, okay, but the sixty-foot steel fishing vessel tried to ram and board us,” wrote Andrea Peterson, owner of the yacht. “A chase ensued, and we were able to outrun them going full speed at fourteen knots. I think we lull[ed] ourselves into a false sense of security cruising the Caribbean Sea.”

There were four people on board, including Peterson’s four-year-old son. Peterson gave the Miami Coast Guard station all details of the incident.

Russian Navy doesn’t fool around when Somali pirates attack their ship:


Published on Jan 15, 2013

Greetings from Amsterdam. Support Our European Union forces! Over 200 hostages have now been directly rescued by EU Naval defense forces under Operation EU Nafvor. EU Nafvor also named Operation Atalanta has been the largest force patrolling Somalian waters the past five years. Hundreds of new pirate attacks have been stopped. And piracy has since dropped by over 95%. The actual footage of operations in this video is mostly from the Dutch navy. And some from the Spanish and Italian navies. EU Nafvor also involves the Germans, British, French and other EU navies. Footage of parts of these operations like the Dutch Navy EU nafvor operations are also available on other media shows like on Foxnews:

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  1. The “self-deception and false sense of security” mentioned in this pirate attack is far too prevalent for Northern Europeans and US Americans who ignorantly believe that all of the scumbags and their heinous outs of seaborne terrorism take place “over there”….meaning the African coast, the East Indies or somewhere other than our own (figurative) “backyard” of the Western Hemisphere.

    There would probably be less of these attacks if attackers were summarily hanged in public and their heads mounted on pilings in the harbor …just like Blackbeard’s head was displayed in Hampton, Virginia!
    Back in the day….

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