#Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway George Orwell Birthday

#Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway George Orwell Birthday

George Orwell
George Orwell is now a year older and the winner in 2016 was Mike – will you be the 2018 Winner?


Give a big Howdy to Mike W. of Lake Jackson, Texas for being our George Orwell Paperwhite Winner in 2016! 

What could be more appropriate for the days and times we live when the media throws tantrums when they realized that voters made up their own minds rather than vote as the elite instructed and groomed them to do in 2016?

Either way, the average citizen has a lot to entertain them as the political theater puts on shows around the clock in dozens of networks, podcasts and shouting matches which are updated every hour.

What would Orwell think of modern political correctness, twisting and turning the human race into more than two “genders” and terms like “White Privilege”?

Please read 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell and be sure to enter the 2018 George Orwell Paperwhite Giveaway!

George Orwell was born Eric Arthur Blair on June 25, 1903, in Bengal, India, where his father was stationed. It’s likely well that he changed his name, as it would be somewhat odd referring to totalitarian governments as being “Blairian” instead of “Orwellian”.

Orwell satirized and chastised all forms of Totalitarian governments – the fascist Nazis and the dictator in Spain, Gen. Franco, including fighting against the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War. The British author was indicted in Spain for his sedition but fortunately had left the country.

The Communists were targeted in his books Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four (later titled simply 1984).  Orwell was sent off to boarding school as a youngster and soon learned what it was like to be on the lower part of the class system.  Sickly, he learned to write and excelled. Being smart as a whip, he picked up scholarships and went on to further his learning in college.

Influenced by Charles Dickens, Orwell also wrote of the excesses of British society and the needs of the poor.

His chief contribution to modern life was to portray accurately the wanton foolishness of Marxist and Socialist philosophy. This was a lesson completely lost on the modern Democratic Party as the principal candidates could feed at the same trough in Animal Farm. The leader of the GOP field personifies Capitalism while the tenants of the Patriot Act enacted after the 9/11 attack on America by radical Islam would likely leave Orwell speechless.  Certainly, Ben Franklin and Orwell would shudder at the loss of liberty due to the fervent desire to protect against terror attacks.  The fanatical Muslims lopping off heads might have convinced old George and Ben that times are a-changing.

Orwell would certainly have his head spinning to see the old Soviet system collapse, as when he died in 1950 after publishing his two biggest sellers, Animal Farm and 1984, just a few years prior, the USSR had just swallowed up Eastern Europe, and its leaders have slaughtered tens of millions of their own people.

The coexistence of Big Brother in China to preserve control by the Communist Party in the midst of a thriving capitalist economic system would require a great deal of explaining that I wouldn’t know how to begin.  Cuba remains a perfect example of the failure of socialism to everyone, but America’s left-wing who all want to live off of someone else’s money.

Capitalists and Marxists can unite in their quest for a FREE Kindle Paperwhite here at the Giveaway drawing marking the birth of the father of Big Brother! Smile for the camera when you walk down America’s streets as you listen on your earbuds to the White House Wimp describe the latest attacks by those that they refuse to label “Radical Muslim Terrorists”.  On the same day that this is written, Saudi Arabia is threatening to divest itself of all of its holdings in America if 9/11 victims are given the right to file lawsuits against the Kingdom for its alleged connections to the 9/11 attackers, all of whom were Saudi’s.  Two old Socialists scream at each other as they strive to get the nomination of the Jackass Party and the GOP elite attempt to sabotage their own frontrunner. What great fun!

Well, folks, I am sure I have given Ben Franklin, who said not to give up your liberties for security as you will then have neither and George Orwell plenty to talk about in heaven. Orwell accurately predicted a Big Brother controlling Totalitarian government that controls all of your thoughts.  He would be shocked to see a government that monitors your speech with illegal searches, threatens with criminal action those who use freedom of expression to deny Global Warming and an American President, who does the ‘Wave’ at a ballgame with a Communist dictator on the same day terrorists killed Americans in the Brussels attack.

The right wants to get into your bedroom and the left wants to get into your head.  H. L. Mencken said it so well one hundred years ago. “The common man knows what he wants and he deserves to get it, good and hard.”

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