Crime in St. Lucia: merchants fear boycott by cruise lines due to robberies

Crime in St. Lucia: merchants fear boycott by cruise lines due to robberies
Booking tours through the ship at St. Lucia might be a good idea. The island boasts beautiful vistas and a large protected harbor. THE PRIVATEER CLAUSE photo
St. Lucia's harbor. THE PRIVATEER CLAUSE photo
St. Lucia’s harbor. THE PRIVATEER CLAUSE photo


Merchants fear cruise lines will follow NCL and drop Saint Lucia from itineraries

From St. Lucia Times:

The President of the Saint Lucia Vendors Association, Peter “Ras Ipa” Isaac, has warned that escalating crime in the city could drive cruise lines to consider dropping Saint Lucia from their itinerary.

Isaac, in an interview with the Times, recalled that  Norwegian Cruise Lines, (NCL), dropped St. Lucia from its 2010-2012 schedule because of attacks on cruise passengers.

The Vendors Association President said he was concerned that other cruise lines may decide to take similar action, citing what he described as daily muggings of both visitors and locals in the Saint Lucia capital.

Isaac cited an incident in Sans Soucis recently where two elderly visitors were set upon by some young thugs who grabbed the woman’s handbag, while her male companion unsuccessfully tried to retrieve the item.

He disclosed that the youngsters ran off with the stolen handbag. …..MORE

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