This new series of true crime stories I have written and published in the Chesapeake region are some of the top stories in recent years in THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY.

Many of these accounts have been updated from the time of their release as the outcomes of many arrests in judicial proceedings provide much more information to the reader about how the Justice system works and in many cases, fails to work for the citizen with most of the breaks given to the convicted criminal.  In any event, thanks for reading and as always, take this information, seek out anything else you believe relevant, and make up your own mind.

Thanks for reading.  The first book in the series is now live and more will follow soon.

The first AUDIBLE book of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY print replica edition has now been released. Narrated by the talented Sterling Trainor, this Audible book provides a great way to catch up on crime while commuting.

Below, watch this trailer for the 1973 classic, THE STING – a time when crime was a little more classy but still just as deadly.

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