Chesapeake 1850 book trailer

Chesapeake 1850 book trailer

“Ken Rossignol’s new series is off to a great start with Chesapeake 1850, the tale of Ethan Douglas from his days as a 10 year old cabin boy on his grandfather’s Chesapeake Bay steamship before the Civil War, through his rise to become a wealthy ship owner. The young boy witnesses everything from a hanging to hurricanes, to bloody Oyster Wars, and meets the love of his life and later marries her. The author does an excellent job of bringing history to life in an entertaining and captivating way that keeps you reading from start to finish. Good work.” — New York Times best-selling author Nick Russell

“A clever way of telling a historical story, it is well told and uses the gentle language of its time to tell of the violence of the civil war. ” – Peter Jones

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