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Happy Fourth of July 2019

Please enjoy this video for the Fourth of July. Francis Scott Key was an attorney in Upper Marlboro, Maryland who sought the release of an American citizen who had been taken captive by the British forces as they invaded Maryland,


NIGHT SHIFT KEN ROSSIGNOL MARCH 10, 2019 “THE DEATH OF LOCAL NEWS TAKES PLACE EACH WEEK – EVEN RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!” That is the headline in articles published in online trade journals that profess that public monies should be

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21st Century Mercury Theater: Little Known Facts – Row Across Atlantic and Slow Boat to China

21st Century Mercury Theater: Little Known Facts – Row Across Atlantic and Slow Boat to China

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ATTORNEY FILES SUIT AGAINST DUCK BOATS Only a massive jury verdict will change the way Ducks operates  It will be up to a Judge and Jury to allow an award of punitive damages. In the Philidelphia Duck Boat Disaster in

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Bruce Caplan’s Radio Show on KIXI in Seattle!

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DANCE OFF — James Cagney & Bob Hope / Bruce Caplan’s Radio Masterpieces Theatre

Hope and Cagney – Dance Off! Movie: The Seven Little Foys (1955) Bob Hope was born in 1903, thus he was 52 years old when he did this dance gig in the movie!  Bob Hope plays the role of Eddie

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Drone view of two Carnival ships docked at Grand Turk

Enjoy this unique footage of two Carnival ships, the Carnival Magic and the Carnival Vista in port. The story line of Who Collects The Souls includes drone surveillance of a ship. Published on Dec 26, 2016, by Adam Zweimiller 4K footage of

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Panama Canal Controversies and History from News Accounts

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Easter tunes, toons and movies from over the decades

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Charlie Todd Music: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong – (Charlie Todd Cover)

Welcome to Charlie Todd Music – This is where I am hanging out until my own web page is ready to go!  I thank you for joining me and listening and watching my videos. Scroll down for three of my

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