Cowboy on Wax Museum Branson Missouri. THE PRIVATEER CLAUSE photo

Country Classics Country music is alive and well at many venues around the USA including Branson, Missouri. Who would expect a giant ship run aground on a hilltop in Branson, Missouri, at least 1500 miles from the nearest ocean?  A …

Country classics, Titanic heroes & Ocean Liners stuck on a hilltop Read more »

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  This introduction to the story of the Titanic is a contemporary production by the Discovery Channel. The first of the Titanic movies appeared in 1912, ‘Saved from the Titanic” and starred Dorothy Gibson, who was on the Titanic with …

The Sea Empress Theater: Titanic Movies — There were five Read more »

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At the Panama 2016 International Book Fair in Panama, Ken Rossignol reading to children from his book Panama 1914 small

Introduction of Ken Rossignol by the Cruise Director and Entertainment Manager of the Ship Andre and Mitch of the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of The Seas introduce Ken Rossignol

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Heck, I have lost count of how many Fire 7 Tablets and Paperwhites have been won by so many of you fine folks across America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since February of 2015. The latest Fire Winner isChrista B. …

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News boys selling newspapers with the latest about the Titanic

There are few things about the Titanic that are new but this animated video is certainly one of them. This is the full-length animation of the Titanic sinking, beginning with the iceberg collision and ending with its disappearance. The point …

This incredible animation of the real-time sinking of RMS Titanic Read more »

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It’s time to thank the Good Lord. We all have a lot to give thanks for and especially those souls who were on the recent foolish voyage of the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas which came very close to …

Paperwhite Giveaway notes 104th anniversary of Titanic just 8 weeks after Anthem nearly rolled over with 6,000 souls on board Read more »

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TITANIC 1912 available in Kindle, paperback and Audible

Two traveling together on business on Titanic; Charles Hays was lost, and Paul R. Chevre survived Two passengers of the Titanic were returning from France to New York.  Charles Hays, the general manager of the Grand Trunk Railroad in Canada …

Titanic Survivors: Two traveling together on business on Titanic; Charles Hays was lost and Paul R. Chevre survived and so did bust of Canadian Prime Minister Read more »

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