Caribbean Crime: 35 murders in first 11 days of 2017 in Jamaica; tour bus driver murdered at cruise docks

One can actually visit HELL at Cayman Island, which offers a safe, friendly and interesting day in port. Watching the dolphins perform, spending a day at the beach and taking the trip to hell and back is a lot better than being at a murder scene in the nearby Jamaica. Stay on the ship in Jamaica and be sure to visit Hell at Cayman. THE PRIVATEER CLAUSE photo

Murder of a tour van driver waiting for cruise ship passengers in Bahama port.

Crime scene of the murder of a tour bus driver at the cruise ship terminal in the Bahamas. Photo from Speak Up Bahamas. 042017

These posts on the Facebook page of Tellis Virgil at Speak Up Bahamas describes the reaction of citizens of Bahamas.

April 23, 2017 — A vicious predatory demonic alien murdering culture has been unleashed by Haitians Jamaicans and Bahamian youth. The governing lawyers refuse to give capital sentences for capital offenses. Therefore, vigilante murder persists in our capital. Sad.

Lord have mercy downtown bring Capital Punishment back smft these criminals do not care this government ain’t doing shit to put fear into these criminals every day someone is being killed and families aren’t getting justice damn.

Sam Seymour: The police station right there also national security building and the courts so someone PLEASE tell how a gunman come downtown & got away. U have police officer’s & Defence force officers with guns.

I aint ga lie yall need to take the gangsters of the streets & put them on the police or Defence force cuz I’m sure they cud do a better job. YALL JOKIN DOWN TOWN.

Jeffrey R. Davis As long as you are a black victim no big deal its become expected norm .No capital punishment for capital crime is ungodly. The future is under attack. Just like the time of Moses birth and at Jesus birth a hit order was on the males.

Claudia Woodside They could of kill those tourist who was getting ready to board that bus I hope yol know this will cost the Bahamas those cruise ship will stop coming soon but bj nottage and greenslade say crime under control lord I need a place to live beside the Bahamas

Deandra Morley The sad part is that it’s by Prince George’s dock where the cruise ships dock our Bahamian men and women needs to change their mind set differently and find a different way to solve the problem and stop all this killing.

From Jamaica Gleaner

The Acting Police Commissioner, Novelette Grant Grant, says she has set an agenda to reduce crime and violence across the island.

Acting Commissioner Novelette Grant discusses crime in Jamaica 35 murders in first 11 days of 2017 in Jamaica. Photo courtesy of Jamaica Gleaner.

In the first 11 days of January this year, 35 people have been murdered compared with 23 for the similar period last year.

Speaking at her first press conference this afternoon, Grant said emphasis is being given to the strategic deployment of cops in high-crime divisions.

Last year, 1,350 people were killed across the island.

There is also a refocus on public order and a re-energising of operational activities.

Grant said the police, under her leadership, will be strengthening their resolve against drugs, illegal weapons, domestic violence, and conflict management.

She added that these efforts will be complemented by community safety and security interventions.  MORE

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From Antiqua Observer

The police are reporting a reduction in almost all categories of criminal offenses, except murder, attempted murder, rape, and incest which they say are of concern to them despite a high solve rate.

According to the official 2016 crime statistics released by the police yesterday, lawmen received 15.3 percent less reports of crime than they did in 2015.

“At the end of 2016, the total number of cases reported stood at 2,468, almost 500 cases less than what was reported in 2015. In 2015 the total figure was 2,915,” the report noted.

On the issue of serious crime, lawmen noted that last year there were eight murders in comparison to five in 2015 and three cases of attempted murder in 2016, up from one in 2015.

Unlawful Sexual Intercourse (sex with girls under 16 years) rose from 13 in 2015 to 21 in 2016; cases of incest increased from two in 2015 to four in 2016. There were arrests for most of the sex crimes reported to police.

With respect to murders, police spokesman Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas noted that arrests were made in six of the eight cases. The police statistics did not include the December 25, 2016 (Christmas Day) shooting of Alba “Bumba” Coates since he died on January 3, 2017.  MORE

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