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Country classics, Titanic heroes & Ocean Liners stuck on a hilltop

Country Classics Country music is alive and well at many venues around the USA including Branson, Missouri. Who would expect a giant ship run aground on a hilltop in Branson, Missouri, at least 1500 miles from the nearest ocean?  A

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CHESAPEAKE TRUE CRIME This new series of true crime stories I have written and published in the Chesapeake region are some of the top stories in recent years in THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY. Many of these accounts have been updated from

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Bruce Caplan’s Radio Trivia for Jan. 7, 2018

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Christmas at the White House and Washington, D.C.

Christmas in Washington United States Navy Band performs “O Holy Night”  by Adolphe-Charles Adam arranged by Walter Afanasieff and Mariah Carey, adapted by Musician 1st Class Tim Hill Commodores Jazz Ensemble Sea Chanters Chorus conductor: Capt. Brian Walden soloist: Musician

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Radio Masterpieces, hosted by Bruce Caplan

RADIO MASTERPIECES   Listen to mystery theater as it was in the early days of radio and follow the greats such as “The Shadow”, “The Whistler” and much more. Curl up and enjoy Radio Masterpieces, scroll down for a selection

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DANCE OFF — James Cagney & Bob Hope / Bruce Caplan’s Radio Masterpieces Theatre

Hope and Cagney – Dance Off! Movie: The Seven Little Foys (1955) Bob Hope was born in 1903, thus he was 52 years old when he did this dance gig in the movie!  Bob Hope plays the role of Eddie

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History of the USA Media and Politics in one Tweet Storm

History of the USA Media and Politics in one Tweet Storm The saga of how liberals came to control the news and folks learned to ignore them START AT BOTTOM AND SCROLL UP News Hound‏ @PrivateerClause #MAGA Trump is brilliant,

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The Boston Massacre

  A portrayal of the skirmish, later to become known as the “Boston Massacre,” between British soldiers and citizens of Boston on March 5, 1770. On the right a group of seven uniformed soldiers, on the signal of an officer,

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Leaders of the Democratic Party in 1868 Election

Leaders of the Democratic Party in 1868 Election Summary A searing, election-year indictment of four prominent figures in the Democratic party, three of them former Confederate officers. Former New York governor and Democratic presidential nominee Horatio Seymour is portrayed as

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