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How a media expert valued ST. MARY’S TODAY 

How a media expert valued ST. MARY’S TODAY One of the most revealing summaries of the value of St. Mary’s Today was this excerpt from the 2000 expert opinion formulated by newspaper consultant James N. Rosse as part of the

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Errands of Suppression in the Dead of Night

Errands of Suppression in the Dead of Night By Alice Neff Lucan (From May 2005 edition of the MDDC Press Association News)           The parties in the St. Mary’s Today lawsuit against various St. Mary’s County law enforcement officials

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Notes on Country Journalism by James J. Kilpatrick

  Notes on Country Journalism By James J. Kilpatrick Winning a Pulitzer Prize at The New York Times may be the absolute pinnacle of a newspaper career, but a case now pending in the U.S. Supreme Court suggests that country

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Cruising the Waterfront – Morris Point, Abell, Md.

Enjoy the great seafood recipes and enhance your table fare!

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Drone view of two Carnival ships docked at Grand Turk

Enjoy this unique footage of two Carnival ships, the Carnival Magic and the Carnival Vista in port. The story line of Who Collects The Souls includes drone surveillance of a ship. Published on Dec 26, 2016, by Adam Zweimiller 4K footage of

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HOG KILLING TIME – Letter from St. Gabriel’s Manor

  HOG KILLING TIME When the trees have lost their leaves and when the rabbit hounds were running and bugleing in the frosty morning air, it meant that the time was approaching for that important day; the day the hogs

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Bermuda Triangle: one more vessel claimed by sailor’s curse but five lives saved by rescuers

Coast Guard, Good Samaritan vessel, Puerto Rico Police marine unit rescue 5 boaters in the Mona Passage The crew of a Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Borinquen, a Good Samaritan vessel and the crew of a Puerto

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Panama Canal Controversies and History from News Accounts

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Easter tunes, toons and movies from over the decades

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Rough weather? It’s all about the bass

Rough Going Can Visit the Most Dependably Smooth Voyage By Ken Rossignol MIAMI, FLA. — It’s all about the bass – is quite the tune for many pop singing groups with some such as Home Free really able to pull

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